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How Long Does Acne Scars Last?

Most people who are embarrassed about acne scars ask how long does acne scars take to fade. When acne and pimples heal, the body undergoes a “self treatment” process by covering any open wound or imperfection with tougher, denser and highly pigmented skin or sometimes the opposite happens resulting in deep acne marks and scars. How long does acne scars last may actually last for a long time and it may also depend on several factors:

With these common factors that affect acne and pimple healing time, scars can develop as early as a week or even longer. Acne scars may stay on skin for life if not treated immediately. When a person has acne marks and skin imperfections, this can significantly affect his self confidence. Therefore, removing acne scars must be done as soon as possible.

Latest technology can help remove acne marks. Consult a dermatologist for professional skin care advice. A dermatologist can also prescribe latest procedures to help remove acne marks like microdermabrasion, laser scar removal and even surgery. Professional treatments may be costly, but these procedures are very effective and efficient to use.

To augment to cost of acne scar removal, there are homemade treatments like chemical peels, acne removal creams and supplements that can be done at home. This can eliminate costly professional fees and spa service fees. If you have sensitive skin though, test a small portion of the chemical onto a small area of the skin or better yet, consult a dermatologist to determine a better alternative.

Finally, how long does acne scar last can be reduced by simple homemade techniques. You may use natural treatments like lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil, honey and even tomatoes on your acne spots. Make sure that your face is clean before you start using any natural treatment as well as use the homemade treatment regularly to get the best results.

Ice Pick Scars

A person’s state of health can determine how long does acne scar last. When a person is generally healthy scars may appear shortly after acne heals resulting in discoloration, hyper pigmentation and even an elevated or an ulcerated portion of skin.

1.  A Person’s State of Health

The acne itself may also affect the onset of scar formation. If acne is deep and ulcerated it make take several weeks to allow the body to heal itself but the resulting scar will also be deeper and very hard to reduce with simple methods and creams.

2.  Acne Condition

Environmental factors can also affect wound healing. When a person is exposed to environmental pollution, chances are acne may become infected and may retard wound healing. By the time the body is able to contain the wound, the resulting mark is deep and very hard to remove.

3.  Environmental Factors

How long do acne scars take to fade may also be affected by any medication that the person is currently taking. Medicines that retard blood clotting and reduce immune system function can significantly affect skin healing and acne scar formation.

4.  Type of Medication or Treatment Undertaking

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